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Electric Darling is a musical force from Knoxville, Tennessee. Cozmo Holloway (The Dirty Guv'nahs) and Kevin Hyfantis (The Dirty Guv'nahs) joined forces with front-woman Sarah Phillips to create Electric Darling's authentic blend of of soul-infused rock. Though these three talented musicians come from different backgrounds, they meet at a crossroads to create a truly distinct hybrid of their individual sounds. They are joined by Aaron Mastin on keys, Matt Nelson on bass guitar and Shaun Shuetz on drums.

In just 2 short years Electric Darling has risen to the top of the scene in Knoxville, Tennessee. They've been playing packed shows in their hometown. Now they are taking the next step in their genesis by releasing a self titled EP.

Sarah Phillips/Vocals
Cozmo Holloway/Guitar
Kevin Hyfantis/Guitar
Aaron Mastin/Keys
Matt Nelson/Bass
Shaun Schuetz/Drums

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Knoxville Electric Darling The EP 2017.jpg

The EP

by Electric Darling

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September 6th @ The Tennesee Valley Fair supporting The Dirty Guv’nahs

September 14th @ Scruffy City Hall



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